Should ObamaCare be repealed?

Welcome to where we are reaching out to the great people of America in an effort to determine if Barack Obama was careless in the implementation of his ObamaCare Healthcare solution, or if it is viewed as a positive step forward in the improvement of a disorderly healthcare system.

With that being said it is now your turn to voice your opinion America!

Vote Now!  Should ObamaCare be repealed, indicating that you believe Obama was careless in his efforts?  Or do you think the Healthcare solution provided by Obama’s administration will be a long term benefit to the country?

Should ObamaCare be repealed?

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One thought on “Should ObamaCare be repealed?

  1. With the increasing cost of healthcare in the United States coupled with the decreasing quality of services provided it doesn’t seem like mandating that everyone buy into a broke system will make things better. Maybe we should look more at spending money on rebuilding the healthcare system from ground up to model working parts of other nations that are showing strong numbers in healthcare solutions.

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